piątek, 24 lipca 2009


Have you ever just felt so alone,
That the walls are caving in,
The tears I cry a secret whisper,
That only the deaf can hear.
Its taken for granted, lonelyness,
Such a soft and gentle word,
That no-one feels it,
Til it fills your heart.

(death on weekends on deviantART)

Lonelyness is an overcast blue
It tastes like salty tears, running down your face
Lonelyness sounds like nothing, except the occasional crying
It smells like bitter chocolate
Lonelyness feels like an aching heart, torn into pieces

It is something no one should have to suffer through,
But it's unavoiable.
The loss of a close friend,
Is one cause of this terrible thing.
It slowly tears apart your heart,
Making you crumble.

(xiaolin-sonic202 on deviantART)

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